"Action is movement with intelligence. The world is filled with movement. What the world needs is more conscious movement, more action."

B.K.S. Iyengar

Class Descriptions

IYISF welcomes students of all levels. Those who’ve never done yoga or practiced Iyengar Yoga before will find quarterly introductory courses and weekly beginning level classes inspiring and informative. Seasoned Iyengar practitioners can deepen their studies in intermediate/advanced level classes which are challenging and fun. All-levels classes are appropriate for everyone and provide an excellent entry for students who may be long-time yoga practitioners less familiar with the dynamic precision of the Iyengar method. In every class level students will experience the brilliance of the Iyengar method, unique in its emphasis on cultivating both mobility and stability through the practice of asana.

What level of Iyengar Yoga classes should I attend?

Below are general guidelines in choosing a class that works for you. Our staff and teachers can also help guide you and answer questions:

  • Introduction Course – This 10-12-week course is designed to provide a solid foundation in the Iyengar method of yoga. It is recommended to students new to the Iyengar method. Students will learn basic actions in asana, develop strength, flexibility, awareness and confidence. Each class of the course will build progressively throughout the quarter. Students are encouraged to sign-up for the entire course. Drop-ins will be welcomed provided there is enough space. Upon completion, students will be able to continue their learning in Beginner or All Levels classes. Teacher rotates every quarter. 60 minutes.
  • Beginner – This moderately paced class is appropriate for beginners and seasoned students seeking to focus on fundamentals. It is recommended students new to yoga to have attended an Introductory Course. standing, seated, forward extension, twisting, beginner back extension and inverted postures are taught.
  • Advanced Beginner – A progression from beginner classes, students are expected to have attended a weekly beginner class for at least one year and have built a steady foundation.
  • All-Levels – A class designed for all levels of practitioners. This class will offer a continued and deepened exploration of asanas (postures) and pranayamas (breath awareness). It is recommended that students who have never done yoga attend an Introductory Course or a few Beginners classes prior to attending.
  • Intermediate – For students who have developed proficiency in Beginner classes and are ready for deepened and expanded study of all asana categories, as well as some Pranayama. It is optimal that intermediate students be able to push up from the floor into Urdhva Dhanurasana (backbend), hold Sirsasana (headstand) for five minutes, and know basic modifications/alternative postures if working with limitations. A strong foundation of regular participation in Iyengar Yoga classes is recommended but not required. 90 minutes.
  • Intermediate/Advanced – For yoga teachers and students with substantial Iyengar Yoga experience, as well as an established home practice. The ability to do Sirsasana and variations away from the wall, stability and maturity in intermediate back extensions,, forward extensions, and balancing postures is required. Students at this level have been practicing Iyengar yoga for 5 or more years. 120 minutes.
  • Ageless – A class for all ages and levels. Developed specifically for people over the age of 50, this class focuses on helping to enhance flexibility, strength, and balance in a supportive environment. 75 or 90 minutes.
  • Back Care – A class for people looking to support back health, care and comfort, but are not in acute pain. Classical asanas are taught with support and are modified to suit each individual. 90 minutes.
  • Community – An All-Levels class offered on donation basis. 60 minutes.
  • Restorative – A class with deeply restful, supportive asana designed to rejuvenate and alleviate stress and strain. It is recommended that students are practiced in Beginner asana, including Salamba Sarvangasana (shoulder stand). 90 minutes.
  • Lunchtime Yoga – A lively midday class. Participants will experience an active class and leave feeling rejuvenated. Appropriate for all levels. 60 minutes.

What do I need to bring?

An empty stomach – allow at least three hours after a heavy meal and 1 ½ hours after a light meal. You can bring your own mat if you like and we also have complimentary mats and props for you to use in each studio. We provide filtered water in the lobby – please enjoy it there because water bottles are not permitted in the practice area of the studios.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. Shorts or tights/leggings are recommended so that teachers can better observe your alignment. Bare feet allow better sensitivity to the floor and are best to ensure traction on the mat. Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or any other strongly scented products as they can trigger headaches etc. in others.

What if I have an injury or special condition?

Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes before your first class. This will allow you time to get registered and introduce yourself to your teacher. Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers are trained to help people with common injuries and ailments like lower back, knee and neck pain. More senior teachers may have experience and training in dealing with more complex issues. Please, do not hesitate to talk to your teacher, as your teacher is here to help!

Full refunds for workshops (minus a 5% administrative fee) will be issued only if written cancellation is received one week prior to the start of the workshop. A full credit is offered for cancellations received earlier than one day and later than one week prior to the start of the workshop. No refunds or credits will be given for cancellations received later than one day prior to the start of the workshop or for no-shows. You are welcome to invite another student to take your place in the workshop if you cannot attend. Written cancellations can be emailed to info@iyisf.org.

Liability Release

Students attending classes at IYISF must first sign a liability waiver. This may be accessed online during registration or in person prior to beginning class. If you have any physical or medical conditions, or if you are not in overall good health, please consult your physician before starting a new yoga program and please inform your instructor before the start of class.

Terms & Conditions

All class series are counted from the day that the first class in the series is taken.

  • 5-class series expires in 90 days
  • 10-class series expires in 120 days
  • 20-class series expires in 180 days.

There are no refunds or credits for class series that have expired with remaining classes.

Privacy Policy

The Iyengar Institute of San Francisco safeguards all client information with the utmost care. Our online system, Mind Body Online is the #1 system used by yoga studios all over the country. It uses high-level encryption to protect all data, including credit card information. If you have any concerns regarding privacy, please don’t hesitate to contact the IYISF office at (415) 753-0909.

Dear IYISF Community -

We have exciting news! We have identified some potential new studio spaces to lease in San Francisco and continue to look for other possible options. We are currently negotiating with the landlords at a few properties but please know that this is an active, on-going process.

In preparation for a potential move, we are reorganizing and raising the funds necessary so that we may eventually close on leasing a new space for our community.  

Please consider donating to our 50th Anniversary Fund. Your donations support our ongoing operations, community programming, free community events and regional scholarships.

Thank you for being a valuable part of our community!

With Gratitude,
Your IYANC Board

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