Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed

B.K.S. Iyengar

New to Iyengar Yoga?

What to expect in an Iyengar Class

  • Most classes begin with a chant to honor Patanjali, the sage who compiled the classic yoga texts.
  • Time is spent on the development and proper alignment of each asana. Precisely guided verbal instruction and visual demonstration helps reinforce the learning.
  • Certified Iyengar teachers are trained to modify the classic asanas (yoga postures) for individual students.
  • Modifications often include the use of props such as blocks, blankets and belts. Using props can allow for a deeper understanding of the posture and improve the student’s comfort level.
  • Typically a class ends with Savasana, corpse pose or deep relaxation. Students learn to rest in a profound way, completely releasing the body while drawing the mind towards a state of peace within.

Where to Begin?


A 2 semester-long course designed to guide beginner students through the basics of Iyengar Yoga in order to prepare them for an Intermediate Level class and beyond. Intended to follow a specific syllabus outlined ahead of time and common across all Beginner Courses taught at the Institute. Distinct from an Introductory Course that is shorter (8-12 weeks) and meant to give students merely a taste of Iyengar Yoga as opposed to a solid foundation on which to build a stable practice.



6-10 week series in the Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring

Recommended for students new to yoga or to the Iyengar method. Students will learn basic actions in the introductory asana, develop strength, flexibility, awareness, and confidence. Each class of the course will build progressively throughout the quarter. Students are encouraged to sign-up for the entire course, however, drop-ins will be welcome provided there is space. Upon completion, students will be prepared to continue their learning in Beginner or All-Levels classes.

Current Series, open for drop-ins: Spring Introductory Course 2022 with Sharon Hawley

Save the Date for the next Series:

Summer Introductory Series with Sharon Hawley (Starts July 24, 2022)

Fall Introductory Series with Valerie Velardi


Intended for those just dipping your toes into Iyengar Yoga. Appropriate for students from some to no yoga experience. Classes run 3-4 weeks long.

WELCOME HOUR – FREE 1 Hour Session

A brief look into Iyengar Yoga, learn about the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco, and enjoy a complimentary Iyengar Yoga class.


Fridays 8:45-10AM with Mimi Pajo

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