“Thinking knowledge of the head combined with the experienced understanding of the heart should be the dharma of a teacher.”

– B.K.S. Iyengar

Teacher Education Programs

The question “How do I become a yoga instructor?” begins with a spark of curiosity, an eagerness to learn, and years of dedicated practice. Our Teacher Education Programs help you establish and evolve the skillful means to communicate the art, science, and philosophy of yoga in the Iyengar tradition. The programs offer a deeply rewarding experience.



Learn to communicate principles and practices of the Iyengar yoga method How does a dedicated practitioner begin to communicate the principles and practices of Iyengar yoga to others? How does one methodically develop and coordinate the skills of a teacher: demonstration, instruction, observation, modification, and feedback? This four-month program will meet two days a month, include workshops, homework and suggestions for further work with your public class teacher or mentor, and will culminate in you and a partner teaching a class, under the supervision of senior teachers.
Workshops and weekends can be taken separately.

Prerequisites for program, including workshops:

• Three years’ continuous study with a CIYT

• Currently taking Intermediate-level classes

• Current home practice includes inversions and back extension

Willing to practice:- Asana a minimum of one hour a day, 6 days a week – Pranayama a minimum of 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week – Preparations and modifications for teaching skills assignments a minimum of 4hours per month

• Willing to study Certification Guidelines, Mentoring Guidelines and other written materials, approximately 30 pages per month

• Willing to practice teaching family or friends on your own 3x from June to August,receive feedback, keep notes and report on your experience by Sept 15th.

Dates: • APR 29-30 Demonstration • MAY 20-21 Instruction • SEPT 23-24 Observation & Correction • OCT 14-15 Integration (Teaching A Class)

Schedules (April, May, Sept):• Friday- 1-3 Teachers’ and Candidates’ Workshop, will be open to candidates, Level 1and 2 teachers. Level 3 teachers may be invited to teach or observe. Breakoutsessions will be organized by level.- 3-4 Q&A and Discussion (included for workshop participants)• Saturday- 1-3 Level 1 Teaching Skills Practice- 3-4 Level 1 Sequencing and Modifications
Schedule (Oct):Classes will be taught under supervision and open to healthy beginners. Mentors maybe invited to observe.• Friday 1-4 Observed Teaching & Feedback• Saturday 1-4 Observed Teaching & Feedback

Ways to Participate:Whole 4-Month Program (DPP: PRACTICE) $528 includes all workshops and discussion groups, written assignments, guided self-practice of asana and pranayamaIndividual Weekend Module $140 includes all events on an individual weekend; cost of weekend may be applied to registration for the whole program series

On Zoom • Recordings Available!

Contact us for more information at TeacherEducation@iyisf.org


How to obtain teaching certification

The Art of Teaching program is an IYNAUS (Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States) approved teacher education program. Students completing the Art of Teaching program are not awarded a certificate or degree, nor are they able to identify themselves as Iyengar Yoga teachers. IYNAUS is the organization that carries out all aspects of Iyengar Yoga teacher certification in the U.S.; students interested in pursuing certification can find detailed information at www.IYNAUS.org/prerequisites.

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