वृत्तयः पञ्चतय्यः क्लिष्टाक्लिष्टाः vr̥ttayaḥ pañcatayyaḥ kliṣṭākliṣṭāḥ

Lecture Series with Edwin Bryant

This workshop will use the framing of I.5 of the Yoga Sutras, where Patanjali speaks of the mind’s klistha and aklistha vrittis (detrimental or liberation-producing mental states). As a spring board to explore desire and its synonyms in four different texts fundamental and canonical to yoga philosophy and practice. We will encounter the role of desire in perpetuating suffering and samsara, when misdirected, on the one hand, and, on the other, liberation and devotion, when re-directed In sadhana practice to the pursuit of the ultimate Truths of yoga, the atman and/or Isvara/Bhagavan. In this way, we will get some sense of what Krishna intends in the Gita when he indicates how the mind can either be our enemy, or how the same mind can be our friend (VI.5-6).
No familiarity with yoga philosophy is required and scans of the sections we will read together will be made available to all participants.

“Dr Bryant is one of the most authentic and interesting teachers of Yoga philosophy in the world, in my opinion.”  ~Jill C.

“Love being in the spiritual enlightenment of Edwin Bryant… I attend all that is available with him to stay in svadhyaya on this yogic Bhakti path.” ~El Grabar

“The teaching was brilliant in terms of understanding the sutras and also understanding the roots and origins of sanskrit words. And in terms of stitching everything together also Edwin did a great job by keeping an eye on the ball. Which are the klishtas and trying to navigate avoid them in our lives thereby leading to Samadhi.” ~student


Edwin Bryant is a professor of Hindu Religion and Philosophy at Rutgers University and a long-time practitioner of bhakti yoga.

Learn more about Edwin: http://edwinbryant.org/

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