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Offering classes and workshops for students of all levels and abilities. Taught by certified teachers who will safely and progressively help you develop and learn. The benefits can change your life.

Meet Our Teachers

We’re proud to introduce our Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers (CIYT). Every teacher at IYISF continues their studies with teachers in the direct lineage of B.K.S. Iyengar and is certified in the Iyengar Method. Earning an Introductory level of certification represents approximately 800 hours of training. Achieving Junior and Senior levels constitutes thousands of hours of dedication, study and practice.

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Practicing Inversions with Ana-Mari Hamada

February 27, 2021

Join Ana-Mari for an afternoon exploration of how to grow and nurture the practice of inverted poses like head stand, full and forearm balance, shoulder stand and plow poses. Inversions are an essential aspect of a well rounded practice and help


Neck & Shoulders! with Mimi Pajo

March 9, 2021

Who hasn’t experienced neck and/or shoulder pain? With all of us on our computers more, the burdens of our days literally sit on our shoulders. Join Mimi in this 3 part series to learn how yoga can help alleviate your pain by increasing flexibil



March 21, 2021

Our core is a complex set of muscles that contains our organs, supports our spine and stabilizes our pelvis as we move around. A strong and stable core is essential to keep our spine healthy and to move with ease and fluidity while maintaining g


PRANAYAMA: Finding Inner Nourishment with Nora Burnett

March 27, 2021

Taking the time to settle in, explore and look more closely into the breath, allows the practice of Pranayama to unfold and begin to evolve. Staying with the breath and the inner body, being receptive in stillness, is surprisingly nourishing. It


Calm Mind

Yoga is the stilling of the changing states of mind.

- Yoga Sutra I.2


The future depends on what we do in the present. Mahatma Gandhi