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Offering classes and workshops for students of all levels and abilities. Taught by certified teachers who will safely and progressively help you develop and learn. The benefits can change your life.

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We’re proud to introduce our Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers (CIYT). Every teacher at IYISF continues their studies with teachers in the direct lineage of B.K.S. Iyengar and is certified in the Iyengar Method. Earning an Introductory level of certification represents approximately 800 hours of training. Achieving Junior and Senior levels constitutes thousands of hours of dedication, study and practice.

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Pranayama in the Morning: A Five-Day Class for Six Months’ Practice with Victoria Austin

April 22, 2019

Pranayama, the communion of life energy and breath, is best learned through several days’ progressive study. This intimate, joyful, refined subject is suitable for experienced practitioners for whom the effort of asana practice has matured. Work


Arm Balances & Backward Extensions: A Weekend Workshop with David Sirgany

April 26, 2019

The focus of this practice intensive weekend will be on the foundational and intermediate arm balances & back extensions. Key principles of the Iyengar Yoga method will be explored including action, extension and balance. Emphasis will be on est


How to Use the Ropes: Exploration of Basic Asanas with Sachiko Willis

May 4, 2019

Ropes are wonderful tool for our asana practice and there are many ways to utilize them. Usage of the ropes not only help us create stability, traction and freedom in our body, but also guide us into developing deeper awareness and intelligence


Yogathon 2019! with IYISF Teachers

June 1, 2019

Established 45 ago as one of the first non-profit organizations dedicated to the practice of and teaching of yoga in the United States, IYISF is recognized as one of the country’s pioneering yoga schools. It has trained some of the best-known yo


Calm Mind

Yoga is the stilling of the changing states of mind.

- Yoga Sutra I.2


The future depends on what we do in the present. Mahatma Gandhi