By dedicated practice of the various aspects of yoga impurities are destroyed: the crown of wisdom radiates in glory.

B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, II.28

Advanced Studies Program


There is a difference between a beginner learning the subject of yoga, and a dedicated practitioner studying the basics to thoroughly embody them. As practitioners, we can use the treasure of community:

  • To deepen the practice
  • To understand better, individually and together
  • To share and grow learning space, resources, intention, harmonious speech, insights, and respect for all; and
  • For teachers, to further mature your skills to become the teacher one wants to, and has the potential to be.

Throughout 2021, IYANC-IYISF is offering a series of training weekends for dedicated practitioners of one year and beyond. If you are curious and ready to deepen your practice and understanding, these programs are for you. Sessions include in-depth study of basics, and focus work for teaching skills. These sessions support and enhance your regular study with your own primary teacher and mentor.

  • WORK Program 1: ACT — April through July CONCLUDED
  • WORK Program 2: PRACTICE — August – November • includes dedicated studentship skills for home practice of Level 1 & 2 asana, pranayama, anatomy, and philosophy. Learn more.

• August 27-29 • September 24-26 • October 22-24 • November 5-7

  • TEACH Program runs concurrently and can be combined with Work Program 2: Practice. It includes teaching skills. Prerequisite: 3-plus years of study with a CIYT. More information on the Teacher Education page.

• September 24-26 • October 22-24 • November 5-7 • November 19-21


IYANC’s Dedicated Practitioner programs offer a methodical approach to create the levels of intensity and depth that allow Iyengar yoga to transform the practitioner’s life. This program will help you to:

  • Turn away from noise and distraction, and devote yourself to yoga
  • Find the support you need to do the hard work of yoga in satisfying ways
  • Study yourself, starting with the body and breath, and turning towards an understanding of your emotions and processes of thought
  • Increase your confidence, sensitivity, and sense of interconnection, and
  • Join like-minded people to co-author wholesome community.

This program supports students of Iyengar Yoga with one year’s experience or more to firmly establish and deepen the home practice of Level 1 and 2 poses and pranayamas. The path to Level 2 will become vividly clear. We will use teachings from yoga philosophy and functional anatomy to naturally establish the progression in ways the student can feel from within.

This program runs concurrently and can be combined with TEACH. See the Teacher Education page.

  • August 27-29
    • Friday – Functional Anatomy Lower Body Workshop 
    • Level 2 actions in standing poses, inversions, Padmasana Family of Asanas, Linear Sequencing 2
    • Guest Teacher: Nora Burnett
  • September 24-26  
    • Level 2 actions in forward extension, inversion variations, balancing Mental contribution of Level 2 asanas
    • Guest Teachers: Kathy Alef
  • October 22-24
    • Level 2 actions in back extension, arm balances, inversion variations Consolidate continuing philosophy, names
    • Guest Teacher: Kathy Alef
  • November 5-7
    • Level 2 actions in back extension, arm balances, inversion variations Consolidate continuing philosophy, names
    • Guest Teacher: Heather Haxo Phillips

Ways to Participate:

  • Whole 4-Month Module (WORK: PRACTICE) $795 includes all workshops and discussion groups, written assignments, guided self-practice of asana and pranayama
  • Individual Weekend $199 includes all events on an individual weekend; cost of weekend may be applied to registration for a whole module
  • Workshop only

Peer Teaching Group

The IYISF Teaching Group is a community of Iyengar yoga teachers and practitioners of all levels who are working collaboratively to practice the principles of teaching as given by B.K.S. Iyengar. The group is guided by the IYNAUS criteria for teacher certification. Participants are expected to attend regularly and maintain a commitment to be in the group, not only to achieve a particular certification level, but because of an interest in an ongoing collaboration with like-minded practitioners in honing teaching skills.

During each session, a few members of the group teach poses to the rest of the group. The teacher role is rotated so that all group members have regular opportunities to teach in the group. New members will observe during their first session, and will be in line to teach at the following session. After each teacher’s segment, the group offers feedback based on the principles described in Basic Guidelines for Teachers of Yoga and the IYNAUS certification manual. The feedback process consists of moving around the group, with each member giving one succinct point.

Please contact CIYT Theresa Marks at to be put on our mailing list to receive regular reminders about upcoming sessions and how to sign up to either teach and/or participate. While we are on-line, there is no need to sign up on IYISF website. Everyone who is on the list will receive a zoom link the day of the session.

(1) a daily personal Iyengar yoga practice
(2) IYNAUS membership
(3) a commitment to teach as demonstrated by: (a) teaching a regular Iyengar yoga class; (b) planning to take an IYNAUS assessment and having a mentor for that; OR (c) completion of or concurrent enrollment in an Iyengar yoga teacher training program.

Peer teaching group meets on Saturdays from 1-3pm on the following dates in 2021:

  • July 17 
  • August 14
  • September 18
  • October 30
  • November 27
  • December 18 


1) Check your spam/junk and event trash folder
2) Search your entire mailbox for any message coming from Iyengar SF,, or IYISF