If you could ask B.K.S Iyengar one question what would you ask?

Hania Luczak a scientist trying to unleash the scientific data and mysteries of yoga had that chance. This is what she asked:

Luczak: “What would the world look like if everybody did yoga?”

B.K.S Iyengar: “Like heaven on Earth”

The detailed article “The Power of Yoga” from the German magazine GEO takes you on a journey through out the world with visits to some of the most renowned research facilities. The article discusses scientific findings of yoga, related to one’s overall physical heath and mental well-being. It depicts various studies on topics such as stress, breathing, PTSD patients, the reduction of cancer patients’ symptoms and “what yoga can do that sports can’t”.

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To download the English version of the June 2013 issue of GEO magazine search GEO in iTunes and download the magazine app and search for the magazine issue.

“The Power of Yoga” –

From GEO Magazine June 2013

by Hania Luczak & Helena Schätzle (Photographs)


(translated from German to English by Katie Cofer)

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