sachiko and Cynthia

The IYISF Teaching Group is a community of Iyengar yoga teachers and practitioners of all levels who are working collaboratively to practice the principles of teaching as given by B.K.S. Iyengar. The group is guided by the IYNAUS criteria for teacher certification. Participants are expected to attend regularly and maintain a commitment to be in the group, not only to achieve a particular certification level, but because of an interest in an ongoing collaboration with like-minded practitioners in honing teaching skills.

During each session, a few members of the group teach poses to the rest of the group. The teacher role is rotated so that all group members have regular opportunities to teach in the group. After each teacher’s segment, the group offers feedback based on the principles described in Basic Guidelines for Teachers of Yoga and the IYNAUS certification manual. The feedback process consists of moving around the group, with each member giving one succinct point.

For some of the sessions, a certified Iyengar yoga instructor affiliated with IYISF will be present in the role of Supervising Teacher. The Supervising Teacher will participate as a group member in order to model the teaching/feedback process, and at his/her discretion, may intervene with comments or observations during the teaching, as well as help balance the time with respect to teaching, feedback, and discussion.

Prerequisites for participation are:

(1) a daily personal Iyengar yoga practice

(2) IYNAUS membership

(3) a commitment to teach as demonstrated by: (a) teaching a regular Iyengar yoga class; (b) planning to take an IYNAUS assessment and having a mentor for that; OR (c) completion of or concurrent enrollment in an Iyengar yoga teacher training program.

Email if you are interested in participating!