Foundation of Practice January 2018

foundation of practice with quote

“By dedicated practice of the various aspects of yoga impurities are destroyed: the crown of wisdom radiates in glory.” -B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga Sutras of Pantajali, II.28

Foundation of Practice is about establishing yoga as a way of life through the path of dedicated, uninterrupted practice and self-study. It is a three month immersion in yoga practice that inspires students to develop, enhance and deepen their practice and understanding of the art and science of Iyengar yoga. When we develop a firm foundation of yoga practice, yoga becomes the means to live our lives more fully, to develop healthy, nourishing relationships and to give back to the world.

Foundation of Practice program includes practical means to establish stability in your yoga practice as well. Sessions will include instruction in asana and pranayama as well as talks and discussion of yoga philosophy, and basic anatomy and physiology. Participants will gain a depth of understanding which results in a whole-hearted desire to elevate the best part of one’s self.Students will receive reading assignments and home practice materials to assist them with their personal practice throughout the program and beyond!

This program is for you:

· Having trouble establishing a regular personal practice of yoga

· Ready to go beyond the asana as simply physical exercises or a hobby

· Curious about what the yoga asana have to do with spiritual life

· Ready to explore yoga as a way of life including asana, pranayama, self-study, philosophy

· Build strong relationships and community with like-minded people

 Participants should have a minimum of two years Iyengar yoga experience and competence at the basic Intermediate level. “