Today marks the one year anniversary of the passing of our beloved and esteemed teacher, B.K.S. Iyengar. We would like to acknowledge this day and invite our community to come together to honor B.K.S. Iyengar’s life and legacy for community practice from 2-6pm on Saturday, August 22nd.

We are very grateful to our community and teachers who continue to put into practice and share Guruji’s teachings. This day  presents an opportunity to reflect on the great gift that Guruji has given to the world and how fortunate we are to have received it.


guruji bday

Guru Mantra
Gurur Brahmaa Guru Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheshwarah
Guru Saakshaata Parabrahma
Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah
Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu,
Guru is Maheshwara (Shiva),
Guru is Supreme Brahman Itself
Prostration unto that Guru



IYISF is excited to annouce a new public class schedule for the fall, starting September 14th, 2015!

After being in our new location for over a year, we have reassessed how we can best serve our students, teachers, and Institute by looking at the foundation of the Institute: our public classes. We hope that the changes in the public class schedule support our community of practitioners.  We worked to offer a broad spectrum of new and seasoned teachers, class levels, and class times that are consistent and fit well into our students schedules. 

Some notable features of the new schedule are:

  • Classes You Can Count On: classes every weekday at 9:00am,  4:30pm and 6:15pm for Mixed Level and Intermediate students
  • New teachers: Anne Saliou, Jill McDonald, Da Gang Wang, and Patti Martin
  • New Fundamentals Classes: 75 minute classes geared towards beginners and seasoned students who want to review classic poses
  • New Lunchtime Yoga: 1 hour classes for students who want a more active class and have limited time at 12:15pm every weekday
  • New Mixed Level Classes: classes that offer a well-rounded practice to all
  • More Intermediate Classes: with teachers you love and some new classes
  • New weekly Restorative Yoga class

To get a sense of the background and the thought process behind the new schedule, we interviewed Randy Loftis, the chair of the programming committee.

Randy, why are we changing the schedule and what is the intention behind the new schedule?

In my mind I think this started with a conversation with my fellow board member, Jeff Renfro.  He was commenting that we offer the best product, the teaching that happens inside the studio, but we are failing to attract as many students as we would like in our classes.  He kept talking about the vibrancy of the space and creating excitement about classes.  For me the best analogy was looking in the front window of a restaurant and not seeing any one in there.  So when we started looking at class attendance and the financial viability of the institute the programming committee felt this was one of the best ways we could contribute.
What is different and new?
One of the things we wanted to do was create a “broader door in”.  In other words make classes more accessible to people at the times they need.  For example, in the new schedule you can come to the studio any day of the week at 9:00 am and there is a class for you.  We did not reinvent the wheel on this.  We looked at what has been successful and then, as gently as possible, adjusted our schedule to fit that model.  We are also bringing in some new teachers to the schedule at new times.  This is a great opportunity to learn from other talented teachers in our Iyengar community.  Lastly we really tried to create a foundation of learning. We have classes from Intro-Series to Intermediate/Advanced and everything in between.  This gives everyone the opportunity to walk in the door with whatever experience they have, find a place for themselves, and have room to grow.
What can students look forward to?
Students can look forward to new energy in the space and a stronger sense of community.  We are looking forward to more people being here and enjoying themselves after class, and truly seeing the institute as the place to be.  The new schedule is only part of the work that is being done.  We are working on the library space, the lobby and outside of the building to give the space of feeling of home, a sense of purpose, and a warmth.  Keep in mind that this does not stop here.  We have left room in the schedule for lots of exciting things.  We are talking about open practices, community classes, morning intensives, etc.  We hope to use this new schedule as a solid platform for exploring exciting things to come.
Putting together a new schedule with so many teachers…anything about that process you want to mention?
We have an amazing community and an amazing group of volunteers that put in a lot of hours working on this.  It was truly wonderful to get to interact with each of our teachers through this process.  Change isn’t always easy but our teachers have really embraced this and have been super supportive of this process.  We truly have an amazing community!