Meet Rebecca Lerner

By October 19, 2014


We are excited to announce that Intermediate Senior III certified Iyengar Teacher Rebecca Lerner will be teaching a 3 day intensive next week, along with a special teaching module course.

10/24 Friday, 2-5p: An afternoon of teaching practicum where students will learn how to bring life and fire to the physical postures (asana) so that students of all levels can begin to experience the divine within through their body. This afternoon will include practice teaching with feedback from Rebecca.

10/24 Friday, 6-8p: Establishing the Field of Bliss: Padmasana (lotus) preparation & Pranayama

10/25 Saturday, 2-5p: Exploring the Field of Bliss: Standing poses, Forward Bends and Twists

10/26 Sunday, 2-5p: Igniting the Field of Bliss: Arm balances & Backbends

Her 3 day Intensive will explore the connection between the body, mind and spirit. According to the science of yoga, we are all body-mind-spirit beings. We experience the world through our physical body and senses. Our body represents the earth element and is the field of yoga practice. Our vital body, our physiological and pranic body represents the water element. It is from here that we begin to learn to care for and nourish ourselves just as the ocean provides life on the Earth. Our mind, fire element, is in the middle, and it must fire on the last two element (air and space) the intellectual and blissful bodies in order to create a vessel capable of experiencing the abode of the soul.

Sign up now for the 3 day intensive! 

Sign up for the 3 day intensive & Teaching Module here! 

A little more about Rebecca:

“Rebecca is the co-director of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Central Pennsylvania and has been practicing and teaching yoga since the 1970′s. She has been teaching yoga since the 1970s and  continues her studies in India with the Iyengars on a regular basis.  In addition to public classes at the Center, Rebecca conducts private yoga therapy sessions giving students individualized yoga programs to suit their personal needs.  Rebecca has been the resident yoga teacher at the State College Friends School (k-8) since 1992.  Rebecca is also a professionally trained in the Bradley Method as a Natural Childbirth educator.”

-Iyengar Yoga Institute of Central Pennsylvania 




If you didn’t know we recently had bike racks installed!

IMG_20141004_104035 copybike racks


Our Fall Open House is next week on Friday, October 10th. We are going to be showcasing a variety of classes ranging from topics of the neck and shoulders to the hips! In the evening we will be having a community gathering from 7:30p – 9:00p. We have also partnered with local businesses through out the Fillmore District such as Song TeaSweet LimePrAna and Evolution Fresh, stop by and try some samples plus if you take a class you will be entered to win a PrAna gift card.

Click here to register for Open House classes!

We can’t wait to see you biking to class or our open house!