paypal logo imageCongratulations to all the newly Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers and teachers who upgraded their teaching certificates in our region this year. As you know, this is an intensive, rigorous course of study which requires courage and determination. We would like to personally honor all the hard work on the part of the teachers and the enormous support that they received from all of you in the community.

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Introductory II
Stephanie Barnes-Castro
Jeffrey Brunner
Michael Carpenter
Nina Carson
Alfonso Castano
Sandra Castellano
Yoon Cho
May Mei Chong
Anita Chordia
Jeanne Elliot
Yelena Faynburd
Sascha Ferguson
Lucy Geever-Conroy
Rebecca Haralabatos
Scarlett Headley
Erin Kennedy
Alvin Lau
Ananda Ma
Theresa Marks
Mimi Pajo
Renee Razzano
Kimberly Scott
Roberta Tewes
Johanna Ute
Beate Weidemann
Susan Wong
Intermediate Junior II
Barbara Fabbri
Patricia Kalman
Melinda Morey
Intermediate Junior III
Maria Calabria
Todd Semo