We asked Jessica a couple of questions to introduce her to the IYISF community!

Check out her interview:

Jessica 2

What’s your connection with yoga and when did your journey begin?

“My connection to yoga has taken many forms throughout the past 10 years.  I began doing yoga with my mom when I was young–we would go to yoga classes for fitness at local gyms and studios.  As I moved into high school, I began doing yoga on my own and started developing a home practice to better manage my stress and depression, though my practice was never very consistent.  After returning home from living in Rwanda, where I studied the 1994 Genocide in depth, I got very serious about yoga.  I enrolled in a yoga class that met three days a week and I built up a consistent home-practice.  Yoga became a part of my mental and physical healing process during the trauma and chaos of my return home.

In my final year of school, I also took a comprehensive Hinduism course in which we read the Yoga Sutras, the 8-Limbs of Yoga, the Bhagavad-Gita, and more.  It was the intense reading and discussion of Hindu texts like these that helped push me to accept yoga as much more of a spiritual practice, alongside a physical and mental one.  The story only continues from there!  I graduated and moved out to California with a strong love for yoga and desire to learn more!”

How did you end up at IYISF?
“This is a funny story, actually!  Very serendipitous!  So, I had heard about the studio and an opening position from a friend, before I even graduated and moved out to the Bay Area.  Unfortunately, various circumstances prevented the opportunity from coming through.  After I moved to Berkeley, however, I was invited to a yoga class by another close friend who actually took me straight to IYISF’s front door!  I began attending classes at the Institute and when the position of Student Service Coordinator opened up, I jumped on the opportunity.
I am so blessed and excited to be welcomed into this community with such love!”