What’s the best kept secret of IYISF?

It’s that we have a scholarship program. And it’s actually not a secret at all. 

We offer scholarships for every workshop, and every student is eligible. Tessa Manning was the Institute’s first ever scholarship student, “I heard about the program through Risa, and was so excited! Because of funding I am not able to attend any/lots of the workshops I would love to go to — so this was such a blessing for me!”


Stephanie Quirk Workshop

IYISF wants everyone to experience the workshops that we offer, and the goal of this scholarship program is to make attending them possible for everyone.

“The application process was fun and easy. I wrote Risa an email about why I wanted to attend the certain workshop and what I wanted to get out of it. I actually applied to 2 right away! These are teachers I have always wanted to study with and look up to immensely, so it was hard which ones to pick!”.

Workshops are beneficial for students and teachers alike. It is an opportunity to completely immerse yourself in your practice for a weekend, and a chance to learn more about Iyengar Yoga and yourself.

“The Stephanie Quirk workshop gave me so much insight to the vast deepness of yoga. It gave me a glimpse of how far you can really go in your practice. My personal practice has benefited greatly from it, and my teaching has as well.” – Tessa.

We can offer a one scholarship per student per year, and there are full and partial scholarships available. The scholarships are applicable to 3 and 5-day workshops only.


To apply, just send Risa an email to Risa@Iyisf.org. To view upcoming workshops click HERE


There aren’t enough words, or the right words, to properly convey how much the space at 2404 27th Avenue  has meant to the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco and everyone who has been a part of our community. With the new location officially open for business, we wanted to take some time to reflect back on the years at that humble building, with those unforgettable red YOGA letters, on the corner of 27th and Taraval.



For many, their weekly yoga classes resulted in lasting friendships and bonds with the other students in their class. For example, the Ageless group has become a tight-knit family that gets together for coffee and organizes celebratory potlucks. They always remember each others birthdays and let someone know when they won’t be making it to class. The class became about more than yoga for them, and they are the perfect representation of what the IYISF community is all about!

Nora Ageless Class 2   Ageless Potluck 1



Linda DobbynLinda Dobbyn, who is now teaching at IYISF’s new location, started her journey with Iyengar yoga at the old institute in 1990. “The Institite has afforded me the privilege of moving from beginning student to now teaching.  In that way, a circle is complete for me at the current location and provides memories I will always treasure.”  Many of our current teachers got their Certification at IYISF, so for them the space at Taraval will always have a very special spot in their heart.



At the Closing Ceremony for Taraval Nora Burnett read a lovely letter from Carol Cavanaugh, the former director of IYISF, who was there when the Institute first began, and how it came to be what it is today.

Closing Noracarolcavanaugh“What I hope to offer on this day are a few stories from way, way back when…from

the first years of the Institute, when Taraval Street itself would have been an unimaginable

dream. Let’s travel 40 years back in time… into musty, musty memory vaults… to
remember 1974, a time when Mr. Iyengar had just made his first teaching trip to the United
States…” You can read the entire letter here: IYISF closing ceremonies

ageless potluck 2



While the doors at Taraval may be  closed,  the memories and experiences had by all there will forever be remembered. We are now onto a new, and very exciting chapter. Thank you to everyone who has supported IYISF during this transition, it has been a long road and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to have a beautiful new studio to call home! And if you haven’t been to the new location yet, join us for our Open House the weekend of April 12-13th!



iyisf sign