Board Member, Heather Haxo Phillips, was recently featured in Yoga Samachar. Read her article about how to inspire and build a student base while staying true to the Iyengar way.


“How to inspire new Iyengar Yoga students

Embrace change, reach out to diverse communities, become a leader and champion of the Iyengar method.

By Heather Haxo Phillips

We all know that yoga means “union.” Another definition of yoga is “bringing together that which is perceived to be separate.” I often think about this definition when navigating my roles as a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher, a yoga studio owner, and a member of the Board of Trustees for the San Francisco Institute and Northern California region. These are three very different roles- but are the responsibilities and obligations the same?

Heather teaching AM VrksasanaWhether I am on my practice mat, teaching in class, managing my studio, or volunteering, I often ponder the same questions that most certified teachers ask themselves: What are the best ways to inspire others to learn more about Iyengar Yoga? How should we build our student base and juggle all that demands

our time- personal practice, teaching, marketing, and more? How can I keep my spiritual compass within a complex and often commercial world?

I try to use Guruji’s teachings as a guide. Though I have never heard B.K.S Iyengar use phrases such as “marketing,” “key performance indicators,” or “building your student base,” I believe that he has explained to us through his words and his actions how we should proceed in this complicated yoga world. ”


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