The Joy of Giving

By December 29, 2012
Over the past year I have had the good fortune to be a work study student here at the Institute. I’ve found myself checking in classes and helping with events. I have learned some new tricks on the computer and I have taken out the compost. I have gotten up early and made lots of tea. I worked in trade for classes and bookstore items but mostly I furthered my practice. I furthered my practice not only by being able to attend more classes but I also have had the opportunity to work side by side with, and for, an amazing community of yogis.
My outlook on daily life, my expression in it, and my goals have been as enriched by my time off the mat at the Institute as they have been by my time on the mat.
My work study position allowed me to meet many more Iyengar practitioners and to hear their views, concerns and accomplishments. I have been able to bear witness to the hard work of many and feel the support of many more. I have boosted my resume and skill set, made friends, and found mentors. When I began the work study program I thought that I was making a trade of my labor and service for education, books and props. I didn’t realize that I was gaining community and life long lessons on the integration of yogic philosophy.
          My schedule and location have shifted and though I will continue to be involved with the Institute I am leaving the work study program. As I look forwards and backwards on my path I find that I am deeply grateful for what I have gained and the joy I have found in giving.

About Cat Johnston

CAT JOHNSTON is a work-study alumni and is now enrolled in the 2013 IYISF Teacher Training program. We are blessed to have her as part of our community!

The New Year’s Day workshop has been an annual tradition I’ve kept for many years. I wanted to start a meaningful ritual for myself and others, and start the year off with renewing practice at the end of the holidays. New Year’s Day has always been a favorite of mine and culturally represents a fresh start. So each year I get up early and go to the Institute for a long practice and the workshop. I skip the resolutions as they seem artificial and never worked for me anyway, though often I find myself reflecting on this year, times past and what’s coming during this season. I’m happy to be grounded for another day and year in practice, to see new and familiar faces at the Institute, and to be there together once again in our Yoga home.

All are welcome to the workshop. Typically the first part will involve standing and/or seated poses and the second part will focus on restorative asanas. As it’s a new beginning and also the end of what can be a busy season, both aspects are addressed so that students go out feeling revitalized and rested at the same time. After class there will time for visiting, and chai and snacks are served. Hope you can join us.

It’s always helpful if you register ahead for the class; it’s also fine to drop in, and Alison will register you that day – please come 15-20 minutes early.

Register by clicking here.


About Nora Burnett

NORA BURNETT is a core teacher training faculty member at IYISF, and also teaches five public classes per week and workshops throughout the year. Nora has been an Iyengar Yoga instructor for more than 20 years.