• Key Aspects of Iyengar Yoga: 3-day workshop.

    with Brian Hogencamp

    Intricacies, Sequencing & Timing .Prashant Iyengar once described - in the first of a three-part talk - the Iyengar system in terms of intricacies, sequencing, timing, and the integration of all three. As the nature of this course is progressive, students are encouraged to sign up for all three-days.

    *ONE year experience in the Iyengar method required*

    Starts Friday, 2/24/2017

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  • Yoga for Feet & Ankles

    with Anne Saliou

    Our feet are what connect us to the earth. All standing postures start from the ground up and any unbalances in the feet and ankles will be reflected higher up in the body, in the knees, pelvis and spine.
    Join us in this workshop to discover how basic fundamental poses offer you the stability and vitality to your feet and ankles.

    Saturday, 3/11/2017

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  • Hip Opening .

    with Athena Pappas

    The movement of the hips govern the movement of the entire body. Cultivating a healthy hip motion in our yoga practice brings a state of groundedness and connection to oneself. In this workshop participants will explore how the hip joint works in a variety of postures.
    *Open to ALL LEVELS of yoga.*

    Saturday, 03/04/2017

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  • 3 Classes for $36: Welcome Pass

    Choose from any class on our schedule. Experienced, trained Iyengar yoga teachers provide you with the highest quality of guidance to improve your health,free your body and transform your life.

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