• King & Queen of Asanas: An Approach to Sirsasana & Sarvangasana.

    with Sachiko Willis.

    Sirsasana (headstand) and Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) are essential parts of Iyengar Yoga practice. Join us as Sachiko guides us through a safe and systematic approach to creating a solid foundation for these poses.

    *6-month experience in Iyengar Yoga is strongly recommended.*

    Sunday, 02/25/2018

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  • Developing the Inner Vision.

    with Allan Nett.

    Interested in moving past the mind? You will learn a very easy approach to developing your inner vision and a pro/active approach to bringing the mind towards silence. All you need is a desire for inner growth. Regardless of your yoga experience, you will start to recognize both aspects of yourself: the Inner and Outer, the Parusha and the Prakriti.

    *All Levels welcomed *

    Sunday, 03/04 /2018

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  • FORWARD EXTENSIONS: Finding The Silence in Asana.

    with Todd Semo

    Join us as Todd teaches us how forward extensions can bring physical relief and mental stillness. Here we will create the conditions for a safe and effective practice of forward extensions. In this immersion we will progressively delve into this transformative group of asanas.

    *open to students with at least one year of regular Iyengar Yoga instruction *

    Starting, 02/19/2018

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  • 3 Classes for $36: Welcome Pass

    Choose from any class on our schedule. Experienced, trained Iyengar yoga teachers provide you with the highest quality of guidance to improve your health,free your body and transform your life.

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